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Did you know there is a significant difference between pressure and power washing? The difference can sometimes confuse people into thinking they can do the same tasks; however, key differences are essential to note as if not, they can damage the item being washed.

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Knowing the Difference Between Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing.

Before you start looking for a particular service for your home or business, make sure to understand the difference between pressure and power washing.

Power Washing

  • Used for dirt, mold, moss, or chemicals
  • Ideal for medium to large spaces
  • Uses heat and pressure
  • Heavy duty option

Pressure Washing

  • Suitable for driveways, flat or softer surfaces, siding, or tiled areas
  • Appropriate to strip wood or fences and leave them smooth
  • Ideal for masonry, concrete, or brick areas.

Why does knowing what can be pressure or power washed important?

Not knowing the surface and using or getting the wrong cleaning service can ruin the surface area. At Pressure Pros ATL, we provide guidance and recommendations on the best cleaning choice for your surface or job.

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Commercial vs. Residential – Is There a Difference?

On top of knowing the difference between pressure and power washing, another aspect, one should be able to distinguish whether or not you may need residential or commercial services for the job at hand.

Is there a difference?

Yes, there is. There is quite a difference when it comes to commercial and residential services. The most significant difference is insurance. With a commercial company, you can rest assured that the company is not only insured but bonded; therefore, if anything were to happen, an injury or damages, they are covered, and so are you. With a residential company, they may not be insured, and if something happens, you are held personally responsible.

What else differentiates a residential company from a commercial one?

Two other significant differences between residential and commercial cleaners are their experience and equipment. You can expect only commercial-grade equipment and commercial-grade cleaning supplies from commercial cleaning companies. Residential companies, unfortunately, do not have the same access to cleaning supplies and equipment as commercial companies, and depending on the situation, the job may need commercial-grade cleaning supplies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Pressure Pros ATL

The next time you need your driveway, roof, or siding cleaned, consider hiring Pressure Pros ATL, your commercial pressure washing experts. With years of experience, our cleaners can ensure your satisfaction guarantee.
Unsure if follow-ups are needed? Or what kind of service do you require? Simply give us a call, and our trained agents can provide you with the best recommendations for your home or business.
Do you need to clean off the moss on your roof? Call Pressure Pros ATL to take care of the moss and inspect the roof’s integrity and any potential damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which uses less water? Pressure or power washing?
Pressure washing typically uses less water, despite it seeming as though it may use more or equal to that of a powerwash. Typically, most pressure washers can use a third of the gallon required for a powerwash.

Does it matter if I use a power or pressure wash on my home?
Yes, it does! If you use the wrong type of wash, it can damage your home or the object being cleaned. For example, it is not recommended to pressure wash windows, as the force of the water could result in glass breaking.

Is it expensive to have my home or business pressure washed?
No, it will cost anywhere between $160 to do a 500-square-foot deck, $100 for a thousand square-foot driveway or concrete surface, and $180 for a 2,500 square-foot home. Pressure Pros ATL offers competitive prices and packages for any of our services.

How often should I pressure wash my driveway?
It is recommended that you get your driveway pressure washed bi-annually. This will help remove any potential buildup and maintain the integrity of your driveway.

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